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researchers to question if this could be related to an asteroid headed to earth right now. the asteroid will make its closest fly-by for an object of its size passing within 17,200 miles from earth. but we just checked on the european space research center who says the two are not connected. the meteor and asteroid are not connected events. to give you an idea of the difference between the two, an asteroid is a space rock this orbits the sun, it becomes a meteor when it enters the earth's atmosphere when they hit earth becoming a meteorite. cate caugiran, kpix 5. over 700 people have been injured now. we are hearing it has the power of an atomic bomb. that meteorite. so quit a day there in russia. a special asteroid viewing party is planned later tonight here in oakland at the chabot space and science center. they are going to have telescopes to be able to see that asteroid and scientists an astronomers on hand to talk about it.
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the party starts at 7:00. >> i bet after this meteorite shower in russia, a lot of people are probably going to head out to watch the asteroid. >> and around the world you see all that video coming in now. we'll probably see more. that was coming in screaming at about 33,000 miles per hour and then starts to come apart. but that compression as it's moving through the atmosphere caused that shock wave and all that damage. >> if you are in russia and you don't know what's going on and you see this, you're thinking it's the end of the world. i can see that. the good news this latest asteroid that's supposed to be approaching the earth about 17,000 miles away. that's close but not as close. >> good. around the bay area we are looking at lots of sunshine coming our direction. it looks like high pressure still overhead today, probably the peak of the heat. we are getting a hint at what we're in store for. already seeing breezy conditions at the coast and a lot of those temperatures already well into the 50s. still some 30s showing up in the valleys but that warm air is just overhead now and that offshore wind will start to mix down toward the surface so it is going to be a gorgeous day out there all around the bay
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area. looking at sunshine toward the coastline. these numbers running well above the average. numbers usually in the low to about the mid-60s at this time of year. we are up into the 70s in some places today. about 73 degrees in san jose. 69 in san francisco. and about 70 degrees in santa rosa. we do have some rain in the forecast. will that affect your weekend? we'll tell you in a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are watching this crash right now in fremont. it's northbound 880 approaching auto mall parkway. only one lane is blocked. it's so early. we have been seeing "friday light" traffic conditions overall and the drive time now about 63 miles an hour according to one of our live traffic sensors so fortunately no major delays across the stretch. heading southbound 880 closer towards milpitas, this is a live look near that 237 interchange all green on our traffic sensors so everything is over 40 miles per hour. like i said we are seeing a lot of drive times still in the clear. similar story down towards the golden gate bridge. marin county ride off to a great start in novato, san rafael. they picked up overnight
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roadwork approaching the waldo tunnel so there is no delay at all getting into san francisco and mass transit we have had no problems with muni, bart, more than 40 trains on time, caltrain, ace, all on schedule. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. a police chase, gunfire and a big crash. it all happened in the streets of san francisco and several people are injured. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is on fifth and market with what started it all. >> reporter: the intersection is reopened now. you can see it's fairly busy at 6 a.m. imagine how crazy it was at 9:30 last night. here's a look at the scene after a multi-car crash at fifth and mission. it started with an unmarked police car spotting a stolen town car at market and eighth a flew blocks away, followed that stolen car to the 300 block of eddy street when several other police cars joined in. they put down some spike strips
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trying to stop the stolen car. the car drove on the sidewalk to avoid the spike strips and a police officer started shooting at the car. it continued on to fifth and mission, hit a taxicab and then that's two vehicles hit two other cars. so a total of five people were hurt. the suspect and four other people. luckily, everybody is going to survive, nonlife-threatening injuries. they were able to take the driver of that allegedly stolen car into custody and the police officer who did the shooting is now on paid administrative leave as this investigation continues. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. this morning a search continues in san leandro for a man who police say assaulted an officer and escaped, solomon espinoza of union city last seen running along the bank of the san lorenzo creek in the area of lewelling boulevard. police attempted to make a routine traffic stop. espinoza allegedly got out of his car and took off. an officer caught up to him and
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tried to make an arrest. a struggle then ensued. and espinoza allegedly tried to grab the officer's gun. then the suspect's girlfriend emerged from a motel room and distracted the officer, and that's when espinoza got away. just hours ago some cruise passengers kissed the ground after they made it off that cruise ship from hell. thousands are thrilled to be back on dry land today after being adrift at sea for days with conditions compared to a big giant porta-potty. carnival cruise lines is now trying to fix the pr nightmare. the company says the repairs and cancellations of other cruises over the next three months would reduce the company's earnings by at least 8 cents a share. cbs news reporter ines ferre is at carnival's ship terminal in mobile, alabama. ines, i'm sure passengers are turned off to take another cruise. >> reporter: oh, definitely. well, frank and michelle, i'll tell you that there were
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complaints but the overwhelming feeling as passengers were making their off the crippled cruise ship behind me was one of relief. passengers aboard cruise liner triumph celebrated as the carnival ship was towed into port. for many, buses were waiting to carry them to louisiana and texas. but even the thought of a seven- how bus ride couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of being back on atlanta. passengers with family and friends waitingon the pier had more immediate plans on land. >> i'm in hungry and need a hot shower. >> reporter: the troubles aboard the triumph started sunday when a fire broke out in the engine room. robin burgess saw smoke coming from the back of the ship and ran to her cabin. >> we have to get out of here. there's a fire on board. >> reporter: for five days passengers and crew lived in squalid conditions as a lack of running water forced many to use the restroom in red plastic
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bags. >> we tried to keep open other's spirits high by having fun while we're board a porta- potty basically. >> reporter: carnival's ceo was here at the port to personally welcome back passengers and apologize. >> we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience. and clearly, we failed in this particular case. >> reporter: some were appreciative of the apology. >> i felt like it was sincere. >> reporter: but few were eager to take carnival up on their offer of a free cruise. >> absolutely we do not want to go sailing anytime soon. >> reporter: the triumph will head to a mobile shipyard for an assessment. one of the chief complaints from passengers is that they felt they weren't getting enough information. they didn't know what was happening. as far as the staff was concern, though, every passenger we spoke with said that the staff did an amazing job, that they helped under very difficult circumstances. frank, michelle.
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>> all right, well, if it wasn't enough, "cbs this morning" is reporting that unwith of the buses chartered by carnival ran into some problems. what happened? >> reporter: right. one of the buses early this morning that was taking passengers to new orleans broke down on the side of the road. the passengers were stuck there for 45 minutes before another bus came by to take them to new orleans. >> well, that's no fun. i bet they can't wait to get home. ines ferre, a live shot of the ship as it sits in port at mobile, alabama. thank you. a prominent olympic athlete in south africa denies that he murdered his girlfriend. sprinter oscar pistorius a south african sobbed as the charges were read in court today. the double amputee was formally charged with murder at pretoria magistrate's court. earlier he was seen leaving jail with a jacket over his head. in a statement a short time ago he disputed, quote, in the
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strongest terms that he killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. she was found shot to death at the athlete's home yesterday. santa clara man accused of -- >> a santa clara man accused of threatening the life of state senator leland yee is set to be arraigned today in court. police bomb experts continue to search everett basham's home on humboldt avenue. the chp says it previously found guns and explosive materials inside the house. but yesterday, officers found some completed explosive devices. >> unlike the substances they found earlier which were incomplete in the process of being completed and finished, these actual items were complete and ready to use. >> a police bomb unit from neighboring san jose carefully removed those devices and drove them to a separate location to be detonated. they were transported in a trailer specifically designed to withstand an explosion. coming up next, the california mayor admits to stealing millions to go on a gambling spree.
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>> and new insight into an ex- officer's calculated murder plot. the lengths he went to before killing an officer's daughter and her fiance. >> and quite the show at seaworld. the amazing moment a killer whale gives birth on camera coming up.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. at shamu stadium yesterd an amazing sight at seaworld in san diego. a killer whale gave birth at shamu stadium yesterday. she went through about an hour of labor before delivering the calf. it's a big one. 300 to 350 pounds. it measures 6 to 7 feet long. it instinctively swam right up to the surface and took its first breath and weather don't know if it's a boy -- and we don't know whether it's a boy
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or girl yet. mama was pregnant for 18 months! >> long time. 6:15. cute. >> our national geographic moment of the show. thanks, guys. i think a lot of people headed out of town for the long holiday weekend traffic overall pretty light this morning on a lot of bay area roads. that's not to say we don't have incidents. southbound 880 approaching whipple road heading out of hayward, there is an accident blocking one lane. it's an injury crash. they called an ambulance crew to the scene. a little slowing, not too bad, southbound 880. we have a couple of different incidents on southbound 880. this is approaching auto mall parkway. it's a slight location change there. this accident does not appear to be causing any slowing if you are heading through fremont. you will notice the drive time or speed sensor picking up 65 miles per hour. closer towards milpitas, westbound 237, coming around the bend, still in the green. 7 minutes between 880 and 101.
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so no delay heading out towards subpoena. it's sunnyvale. 18 miles per hour once again as you approach a street in antioch. antioch bridge westbound 4 the connector ramp to northbound 160 is finally reopened. a car carrier lost a car and so they had to close that connector ramp for a while to clear it. quick check of the bay bridge where it is definitely "friday light." no metering lights yet. so as you can see, there is no delay so far getting into san francisco. san mateo bridge similar story. quiet over the high-rise on westbound 92. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on what sounds like a gorgeous weekend forecast, here's lawrence. >> should be fantastic. yesterday a taste of what's to come. today may be even a little warmer outside as we head in toward the afternoon. a lot of sunshine and some very comfortable weather in the latter part of the day. high pressure building in overhead and well that is making for beautiful weather as we look toward the afternoon with that offshore wind. these temperatures running well above average. looks like a dry weekend but we
6:16 am
have some changes in store i think more of that as we head in towards sunday and monday. but for today, that ridge sitting right overhead. this is the peak of the heat with the offshore wind so it's going to be mild to the coastline. warm as you make your way inside the bay and the valleys and plenty of sunshine for everyone. around the state you will see sunshine too. 70 degrees in sacramento. 71 in fresno. about 62 degrees in yosemite. 68 degrees in the monterey bay. around our bay we'll see temperatures running in the 60s and 70s in the south bay. looking good upper 60s toward half moon bay with that offshore wind. upper 60s and 70s toward the east bay so you get the idea, just about nice wherever you go today you will see plenty of sunshine. 71 in oakland. about 70 in santa rosa and 69 in san francisco. next couple of days we are going to watch that temperature start to decrease a little bit on saturday. more so with a few more clouds come sunday. then monday and tuesday, things look to get unsettled and possibly wet. so some showers could be on the way and some much colder temperatures as we head in toward next week.
6:17 am
hey, guys, had a chance the other day to get out to a local school. this is leonard flynn elementary school. we were talking weather with our mobile weather lab. it was a great time. and a great group of kids out there. we had so much fun. they literally rolled out the red carpet and we had so much fun talking about all things weather. they loved, it. >> didn't they have a song for you? >> they sang a song, "i am somebody" at the end. it was something else. what a neat time. we are hoping to come out to schools so folks if you want to do that, if you want us to visit your school and talk weather and show you the mobile weather lab, we would be more than happy to come out. >> thank you. 6:19. the san bernardino county coroner has positively identified the remains of christopher dorner, the ex-los angeles police officer linked to four murders. the exact cause of dorner's death has not been determined yet. his charred remains were found earlier this week in a mountain cabin near big bear. law enforcement surrounded dorner at that cabin on tuesday
6:18 am
and it later caught fire. investigators say dorner committed the killings as revenge for his firing from the lapd. >> i think when you have a profession where you worked your whole life to really obtain, you know, something and that level of success, and i think when you go into that environment where everyone else is not maybe lined up with the way you believe in and the way you think, after, you know, time you could -- the stress could probably wear on you. >> meanwhile, irvine police told the "orange county register" that dorner did research on a woman and her fiance prior to killing them. police tied dorner to the slayings after reading a manifesto he wrote in which he sought revenge against those he believe ended his law enforcement career. a former california mayor admits she stole more than $2 million from charity but says she had a brain tumor at the time. maureen o'connor took the money from her husband's foundation. the one-time san diego mayor
6:19 am
went on a decade-long gambling spree from 2000 to 2009 in which she wagered more than $1 billion and lost millions. in a plea deal o'connor pled not guilty to money laundering and her trial will be delayed for two years while she works to repay the money. coming up a little bit of sports. the eyes of the world on bay area college hoops. we have three games and highlights coming up. >> plus, goooooooaaaaal! the amazing soccer shot that earned our play of the day.
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basketball rivalry... matthew della- va-dova hit an off balance three pointer... one of his five 3's in the first st. mary's and gonzaga renewed their college basketball rivalry. last night in moraga matthew hit an off balance three-
6:23 am
pointer one of his five threes in the first half. st. mary's goes up 1 at the break and things were looking good then gonzaga goes on a tear, 17-4 run. they go up by 15. the gaels mounted a comeback attempted but gonzaga won 77-60 the final. and now to berkeley, cal and ucla, the bears alan crab shows why he leads the pac-12 in scoring. he helped cal build a 28-point lead in the first half and david kravitz had a career-high 18 points plus 13 boards including that put-back there. cal beat the bruins 76-63. and to the farm a late run helped stanford cut southern cal's lead to one. jason randall for the win with less than 2 seconds left but it didn't go. the cardinal fall to the trojans 65-64. and stanford hit only four of 12 free throws. play of the day from international soccer leone at tottenham. the shot was veering away from the goal until leone samuel tt redirects it and it goes right
6:24 am
off the crossbar boom, bang, and in. it was leone's only goal of the game. it was a beauty. they lost by a goal 2-1 your final. but that's a terrific shot with the left foot and the in the goal. >> i love the commentators for soccer how excited they get. >> goooooooaaaaal! it's 6:25 right now. coming up, the nightmare isn't over. thousands of cruise ship passengers finally reach land only to hit more trouble on the road home. >> been a long week for those financial. >> plus like an atomic bomb. a meteor lights up the sky over russia. the latest on the injuries and the path of destruction coming up. >> and a wild police chase through city streets ends with five people injured and shots fired. see you live at the scene coming up next.
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hundreds heard when a meteor slams into russia. >> the size of a house. >> it was a sunrise of bible can proportions a sky full of fire and brimstone. >> home at last. passengers from that crippled cruise ship are finally back on land. >> i am hungry and in need of a hot shower. that's all i want is a hot shower. >> brings a whole new meaning to the term poop deck. >> carnival will have a lot of work to do to do away with the damage it's done to its reputation. >> oscar pistorius broke down in tears as the charge of murder was laid against him. >> breaking news a terrible crash in downtown san francisco. >> only thing in my mind is what is in that box there, what's in that drawer? >> a delicate search continues in the south bay. >> bomb techs are going through this house room by room sifting
6:29 am
through junk that's piled four feet high looking for bombs. >> investigators believe that crash and rob lasted a minute. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, february 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. incredible day developing news this is in russia where upwards of some 750 people are injured after a meteor streaks through the sky shattering thousands of windows. it happened in russia in the chelyabinsk region 900 miles east of moscow. >> kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the nasa ames center in mountain view this morning to talk to us more about the meteor and then also the timing of it all because a
6:30 am
big space rock is headed toward earth. >> reporter: yes, that's exactly right, frank and michelle. to every you go more information about that meteor though, russian scientists say that meteor entered earth's atmosphere about 33,000 miles per hour and hit the ground. more than 700 people are recovering from the meteor's shockwaves that fall caused explosions that broke glass over a wide area and it caught most people off guard. >> terrified. i just hit the snooze bar on my iphone for another nine minutes of sleep and all of a sudden, i fell back asleep and i hear this loud bang! >> reporter: now, this comes on the same day an asteroid known as 2012da14 is headed towards earth. it will make the closest fly-by of an object its size. the meteor and the asteroid are
6:31 am
not related. it's coincidence that they are both happening in the same time frame. researchers say this asteroid is not expected to make an impact on earth. but it will fly closer than some television satellites but you will barely be able to see it with your eye. an asteroid is a space rock that is orbiting around the sun. it becomes a meteor when it enters into earth's atmosphere and it becomes a meteorite when it hits the earth. cate caugiran, kpix 5. for more on this asteroid you can go to a viewing party tonight at the chabot space and science center in oakland. they will have telescopes to see the astro and scientists an astronomers will talk about it. viewing party starts at 7:00 tonight. >> let's see professor karnow. >> how about that meteorite? that's worth a couple of bucks
6:32 am
if they can find it. >> rarely are people injured by meteorites. they are so scattered. this has done damage. if it's found it will have value. >> what an incredible sight. what an incredible thing to wake up to. >> can't imagine. around the bay area. >> it's quiet. we have a lot of beautiful weather. the sun coming up on what looks like another spectacular day outside. we have a hint of patchy fog showing up in parts of the north bay valleys right now. the temperatures there chilly into the 30s but you are already seeing 50s into oakland. and also san francisco. we are getting that offshore wind kicking in. and that's what's going to help to crank up the temperatures. those offshore winds sink as they approach the coastline. temperatures warming up all around the bay area. temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s, today in the 70s into san jose. 69 san francisco. 70 in santa rosa. more on your weekend weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> and some of these accidents we have been following are now causing an unusual a.m. of slowing especially this one
6:33 am
through hayward on eastbound 92 and southbound 880. so the accident is right there approaching the whipple road off-ramp. one lane blocked it sounds like in the off-ramp partially blocked. it was an injury crash so emergency crews are on scene and anyway it is a little slow southbound. this accident approaching auto mall parkway is a little farther south in fremont. that accident is cleared to the shoulder. so no delay heading out of newark. and this is a new problem. our third incident now on southbound 880 in san jose. the on-ramp to bascomb avenue is block. new crash just coming in. sluggish on the main lines of the freeway. coming up we'll check the bay bridge toll plaza where it is "friday light." in the meantime, back to you guys. >> we like it that way. thank you. gunfire and smashed metal a wild police chase through the streets of san francisco ends with a stolen town car slamming into three other cars. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec in san francisco now where five people are in the hospital this
6:34 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning. the intersection here behind me is well traveled at 6:35 in the morning. and imagine at 9:30 last night, this was the scene after this five-car crash happened here at fifth and mission. it started when a police car spotted a stolen town car at market and 8th at about a quarter after 9 p.m. that car followed it to the 300 block of eddy street where it was greeted by several other police cars. they put down spike strips trying to stop the stolen car. the stolen car skirted those strips driving on the sidewalk and one police officer started shooting at that car. here's police chief greg suhr. >> when the vehicle went up on the curb, one of the officers fearing for his safety fired two shots at the vehicle. we don't know that either of the shots hit the driver at all. the driver does have a scratch on his forehead. but it's hard to tell whether
6:35 am
or not that's from the crash or the gunfire. in any case, there is no serious injury. >> reporter: so the driver of that stolen car continued on fifth and mission. that's where he hit a taxicab and those two vehicles hit two other cars. a total of five people were hurt, the suspect and four others. the injuries are nonlife- threatening. the investigation into all of this continues and the officer who did the shooting back on eddy street is now on paid administrative leave. anne makovec, kpix 5. antioch police are investigating an accident that killed a 14-year-old girl last night. she was trying to cross the street at hillcrest and hidden glen drive when she was struck. the driver did stop and is cooperating now with investigators. police don't think alcohol or speed played a role in that accident. a search is ongoing in san leandro for a man who police say assaulted an officer and then escaped. the suspect is identified as solomon espinoza out of union city. he was last seen running along
6:36 am
the banks of the san lorenzo creek in the area lewelling boulevard. police initially attempted to make a routine traffic stop. around 6:45 last night, espinoza allegedly got out of his car and ran away. an officer caught up with him, tried to make the arrest. a struggle ensued and espinoza allegedly tried to grab that officer's gun. then the suspect's girlfriend emerged from a motel room nearby and distracted the police officer. and that's when espinoza got away. hot food and fresh air. those simple pleasures greeted thousands of exhaust the passengers from that nightmare cruise trip. some kissed the ground after they made it to dry land in mobile, alabama. carnival's ceo boarded the cruise ship triumph yesterday and apologized to passengers for all the discomfort and frustration. it all started with an engine room fire that crippled the ship on sunday and for the next five days, passengers and crew
6:37 am
lived in squalid conditions with the lack of running water people using the "restroom" in red plastic bags. some hung sos signs on the balcony, others spelled out the message with their bodies, "help." they sleep in the hallways. >> we tried to stay goofy and have fun aboard a porta-potty. >> obviously probably the biggest issue the smell brings a whole new meaning to the term poop deck. >> as for those who decided to take the buses out of mobile, we are learning this morning that one of them broke down on the side of the road. one of the passengers called "cbs this morning" and said they had to wait for another bus to rescue them. can't catch a break. new this morning a well- known olympic athlete in south africa is saying he did not murder his girlfriend. sprinter oscar pistorius sobbed as the charges were read in court today. the double amputee known as the blade runner was formally charged with murder at pretoria
6:38 am
magistrate's court. earlier he was seen leaving jail with a jacket over his head. in a statement, pistorius disputed "in the strongest terms" that he killed his girlfriend. reeva steenkamp was found shot to death at the athlete's home yesterday. 6:39 now. a santa clara man accused of death threats against state senator leeland year is set to be arraigned today in superior court. this morning, bomb experts will be back to search everett basham's home. they found guns and explosives inside the house and yesterday, officers found some explosive devices. >> unlike the substance they found earlier in the investigation, which were incomplete, they were the in the process of being completed and finished, these were complete ready to use. >> police bomb unit removed the devices, drove it a separate location to be detonated. they were transported in a trailer specifically designed to withstand an explosion. time now 6:40. it's one of the most talked about moments in the state of the union response. and it had nothing to do with
6:39 am
the speech. phil matier and willie brown weigh in on watergate. >> and call it crash and grab. the robbery trend that's taking off in the east bay. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers here. so far looking good. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
abrejct injured by falling meteor in russia, according to officials. that number just raised from 750.....after that meteor blazed through the skies of russia today..... time is 6-- here's meteorologist lawrence with a chec hundreds of people were injured after a meteor hit the ground in russia today. some unbelievable pictures. allotted of broken glass a lot of cuts and bruises, no fatalities just yet but they
6:43 am
are still kind of sorting through it. >> up to 1,000 injured right now. >> it's just from the shock wave not from the actual meteor striking the earth. >> the shock wave of 33 miles an hour in the atmosphere. >> that was small. >> the power of an atomic bomb. >> you look at the craters in the moon and you realize, these kinds of things have gone on before. >> you said 33 miles an hour? >> 33,000 miles an hour. >> that thing was cooking! around the bay area we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. it's going to be a gorgeous an as high pressure sits overhead with the offshore winds. breezy in the hills keeping the temperatures up. still cold inland but by the afternoon another warm day outside and looks like a good weekend although we'll begin to see some changes. i think today probably the peak of the heat as that ridge moves overhead today and those offshore winds that sinking air causing temperatures really to
6:44 am
warm up. plenty of sunshine everywhere you go today. by the afternoon, looking good. no delays expected out of sfo. clear skies and the temperatures running in the upper 60s around the country 63 degrees, couple of clouds into houston some showers into denver that could cause some delays. 30 degrees and cold in chicago. and some showers expected, 52 in new york. around the bay today, lots of sunshine and beautiful weather. 73 in san jose. 70 in fremont. 70 degrees in redwood city. and 68 degrees in half moon bay. east bay numbers up into the 60s and also the 70s. and a good day to grab a sack lunch outside, 71 in oakland, 70 in santa rosa and about 69 degrees in san francisco. the weekend looking good. temperatures cool slightly on saturday. more so with a few more clouds on sunday. by next week it's a return to some wintry weather, some much cooler temperatures, showers expected on tuesday, elizabeth. >> it's a good-looking weekend forecast, though. enjoy the sunshine. outside now, starting off your long holiday weekend "friday light" traffic conditions on a
6:45 am
lot of bay area roads. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned on the metering lights later than typical just before 6:30. and we're still not even seeing any big delays. fortunately we have had no incidents getting into san francisco. so that is not a bad looking morning commute to start you off with. elsewhere to our maps a couple of areas of slowing this morning because of accidents. southbound 880 approaching whipple. you will notice there are some slower sensors on eastbound 92 and southbound 880. so the accident is in the clearing stages. in the meantime it's stop and go through hayward. also this is another accident on the southbound 880 approaching bascomb. the on-ramp to bascomb remains blocked. but actually the main lines of the freeway look a little sluggish as well this morning. so that's possibly an injury crash. elsewhere milpitas 880/237, no delay so far heading towards sunnyvale. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. a verizon store in the east
6:46 am
bay is the latest victim of a smash-and-grab theft. >> that store has a guard on hand this morning as the building still has to be repaired. thieves are stealing cars and smashing them into stores to rob them and the latest incident in pleasant hill. >> someone breaking into a store like that and do that with a car because they want free stuff, it's not fair to anybody else. >> there was a similar robbery last week in concord. a man drove a stolen truck into the window of a store at the clayton valley shopping center and then ran away with several stolen phones. the discount warehouse chain costco got something from tiffany for a valentine's day. >> how about a lawsuit claiming it had sold diamond engagement rings falsely marketed in stores using the jeweler's name. more for on that here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on a friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sure that costco did not get that summons in one of those famous little blue boxes. tiffany alleging that costco was selling tiffany labeled
6:47 am
rings that were not made by tiffany. all sorts of charges coming down in that lawsuit. false advertisement, deceptive business practices, and trademark infringement. costco to this point is not responding to the accusations from tiffany. looks like people are getting their refunds later from uncle sam because of the "fiscal cliff" talks that were taking place as well as new tax changes. cnbc reporting that the irs wasn't able to start accepting returns until after january 30th so they are going out later now. they will be coming but also they are going to be a little bit less because of various tax increases and economists with rbc say that could impact consumer spending by as much as two-tenths of a percent in the 1st quarter. that will weigh on overall commit growth. market off to a modest start this morning, dow up one, nasdaq up one, s&p up by a fraction. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks. the republican party pinned its hopes on the junior senator
6:48 am
from florida. that would be marco rubio. he delivered his party's response to the president's state of the union on tuesday night. now, we turn to kpix 5 political insider phil matier former mayor willie brown and "san francisco chronicle" reporter carla marinucci. first question, guys, out of the gate, rubio -- hold it, guys, here we go. rubio got everyone's attention. it's not what he said, it's what he did right? >> that's right. mayor brown, what do you think? rubio's response and the great water reach. that's the thing that went viral. >> i have to tell you something. for those of us who were democrats, that was the best moments of his presentation. the absolute most influential moment. >> the worst part was the way he did it. it was so is your repetition like he was going for mojito just do it if you are going to drink water, it was so surreptitious. >> he was trying to conceal the fact he was doing it. >> he looked sneaky. >> was it water? [ laughter ] >> it is interesting because
6:49 am
believe it or not, that is all anybody would likely remember of his speech speech of the president's speech. >> they recall the vote, vote, vote, the baptist chant. >> where you have to vote on all these various issues. >> what is the first thing congress did after he told them to sit down and vote and take on these issues? >> took off. >> that's right. they went on vacation. what kind of job do you get where you get two vacations, christmas and in february, you're taking time off again. >> we have a picture we through up for fun on our facebook page. i put it up on my page, too. let's look at that. it's a shot of senator rubio and then a shot of me kind of sucking down some water in the newsroom, too. and this got all kinds of hits on my page a lot of traffic. you know? i think you're right, phil. you get the president, you know, talking about the state
6:50 am
of the union it's such a big deal and this is what people are talking about. >> because it's an image, it was memorable and frank, all i can tell you is that if you're seriously running for the senate seat, i think you have a shot with that shot. >> do not do the response to the state of the union. there is a curse on that speech. >> there is no question about that. and not only -- let me tell you -- his performance on that speech was absolutely equal to middle school kid's performance. >> nothing like a democratic critic. speaking of performances, i understand you were down at the grammys this last sunday. how was the party that we didn't see? >> that party was fabulous. the guy that got the best hand was the guy seated at the table where i was standing near. colin kaepernick. i didn't realize that that many people were into tatoos. >> by the way -- >> mayor? >> colin kaepernick might be after you in terms of dress too. he had a powder blue suit on and it looked pretty spiffy. >> absolutely. he really looked good. he did not look like the guy we
6:51 am
see playing football. and he was -- everybody in the place went crazy on this guy. i immediately went over and shook his hand. [ laughter ] >> what was your favorite performance? >> we have to rephrase that. aside from yourself, what was the favorite performance of the night? >> jennifer hudson. >> oh, gentleman did an incredible job. >> yes. >> she was amazing. >> you know, in that place everybody is competitive. everybody is performing at the grammy level. you have to go beyond it and she did. >> next to you. >> one thing about wlv, you're always in the picture. >> i don't know what's going on. >> thank you all. >> they are having a good time. time now 6:53. nasa spots something new. could it be a gateway to
6:52 am
another universe? >> coming up another look at the 10-ton meteor that rocked russia today. mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram.
6:53 am
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. a multi-car crash. officers tracked a stolen ncoln towncar on e taking a look at today's top stories, err pursuit of a stolen car in san francisco leads to a multicar crash. they laid down spike strips. to avoid it the driver went on the sidewalk and that's when an officer standing on the sidewalk fired a couple of shots at the car. the car kept going and hit three other cars at fifth and mission. they are glad this vacation is over. the passengers who were on the carnival cruise ship triumph gets a wake-up in hotels with hot showers and working toilets this morning. the cruise ship pulled into
6:56 am
port in alabama last night following several days of no electricity, overflowing toilets, food shortages and some pretty foul odors. a fire broke out last weekend in the ship's engine room. >> the latest from russia is that about 1,000 people were injured after a meteor streaked across the sky in the ural mountains. most of the injuries are from shattered glass from the shockwaves. the meteor exploded about 18 miles above the ground. experts say it's not related to the asteroid that will pass close to the earth about 4.5 hours from now. big space day. >> oh, why. >> he we have more space days. nasa may have spotted the galaxy's newest black hole. this is it. the aftermath of supernova, most explode leaving behind a neutron star but in this case it looks like it left a black hole and from earth it's about 1,000 years old. but it happened 26,000 light- years away. so the image we're seeing now
6:57 am
happened 27,000 years ago. there you go. in space time though that's relatively recent, right? >> how do you wrap your arms around that? >> unlike our show today. i have to say there's a lot of science today in our show and it's fantastic. >> we love it. >> yeah. hey, our director is saying, yawn. [ laughter ] >> but it has been a very nice day outside today. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. a little fog showing up in the north bay valleys. the temperatures are going to be warming up nicely though. in fact, we're seeing those offshore winds blowing already. numbers up in the 50s as you approach the coastline. by the afternoon, how about this? 60s and 70s. the weekend looking good too. but we do have some showers coming our way next week, elizabeth. >> next week. all right. for right now, we are going to enjoy the dry weather and it is certainly "friday light" over at the bay bridge. metering lights are on if you can believe it. but i think people are getting a head start on the long holiday weekend. couple of incidents we have been watching this morning. better news now southbound 880 approaching whipple road. all lanes back open still sluggish through hayward. and all lanes are also back open southbound 880 at bascomb
6:58 am
avenue. >> liz, you said our word of the day again. >> weekend! >> weekend. >> there we go. >> ready for it. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning and remember your next local update is at 7:25. >> "cbs this morning" is next. more on that meteor. enjoy the beautiful sunrise. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday february 15th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning".." a meetor falls over russia shattering glass and injuring hundreds. "triumph" finally reaches land. why the final hours were the
6:59 am
toughest. the risk from reverse mortgages and sally fields tells us why she nearly missed out on her oscar nominated role. first today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> the shocker from out of space. >> hundreds hurt after a meteor rains down on russia. >> leaving several buildings shaken and damaged. >> almost 1,000 miles east of moscow. >> it shattered glass for miles and miles around the area. >> hours before a 150-foot wide asteroid is supposed to pass by earth. >> hold your loved once close and aerosmith and seek bruce willis. sewage and water everywhere. >> i'm glad to be out here. >> the pleasure cruise that went very bad is finally over. the carnival "triumph" was tugged into a port in mobile alabama, late last night. >> first of all sorry, carnival for taking your bath robe
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